How to reserve tickets for a Wycombe Philharmonic Choir Concert

You can get tickets to our concerts by contacting a member of the choir, at the door at the concert or by reserving by email.

Depending on the popularity of the concert you may find that not buying tickets till the day of the concert all the seats could be sold. However there is always a chance we can fit you in! Payment is by cash or cheque only, we have no means of taking card payments at the moment.

Tickets are of two types Full and Concession. We allow under 16's free entry, and those who are 16 to 17, disabled or over 60 pay the Concession rate. The ticket prices are shown on the Concert pages.

If you want to reserve tickets please email us on

We will need your name, your postcode, and how many of which type of ticket you want (Full or Concession). These tickets will be ready for you at the door at the time of the concert. Please arrive at the concert early enough to pick them up and pay for them; cash or cheque only at the moment.

Our next Concert is our Summer Concert on the 20th July at the Wesley Church
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